Wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-CB-60

Wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-CB-60

vacuum cleaner bd price for the Home 2000W 60L High-Power Large-Capacity

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-CB-60 Steam-maintained vacuum cleaner price in bangladesh

Tank Diameter: 440mm Cooling Method: Circulating Air
106 L/s air flow
Vacuum 250 mbar Suction Cable Length
Fabric dust bags are used for storing dust.
Mopping is an additional feature.
Type of vacuum cleaner: a bucket vacuum
Round brush, two-in-one floor brush and suction brush, wiper brush, and special nozzle type
Maximum decibels: 65

Product Information
Model Name and Number CB-60-2 Wattage (Watts) 2000W Dimensions
590 x 520 x 955mm

Merchandise Description
1. The tank is made of sturdy stainless steel.
2. The vacuum cleaner offers exceptionally strong suction thanks to a robust, lower-noise motor.
3. Large wheel plate in new fashion
4. It is sturdy and attractive, and the vacuum cleaner comes with a full set of accessories.


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