Wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-CB-30

Wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-CB-30

Tub-style wet and dry vacuum cleaner price in bangladesh , 30 liters. For usage in business settings, well suited to floor cleaning machine contractors. This machine has a very excellent effect in sucking up dust and wetness thanks to its powerful responsive motor. It includes versatile attachments that attach to the main unit with ease. The product is appropriate for households, workplaces, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, and other sizable public spaces.

Powerful high power Wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-CB-30 for car cleaning 30L Large , Capacity CB30 Household Commercial Bucket Vacuum

Flow: 100
Size of border: 410 * 410 * 595 (CM)
Noise: 85
Volume of smoke: 100
standard accessories:30 L container with a net weight of 14.6 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh): 440 x 440 x 825 mm
Vacuum suction: 230 bar 1000 W
Power Range: 50 to 60 Hz


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