Versatile Tower Harness

Versatile Tower Harness

The UEE 298 Versatile Tower Harness is a complete fall protection system. It comprises 10.9–12 mm-diameter nylon, polyester, and polypropylene webbing. These harnesses have several characteristics, including work positioning, rescue, and rope access, and are certified by ANSI Z359.1-2014, EN 12611-2, and CE.

The versatile tower harness (UEE 298) comprehensively answers all fall prevention and work positioning requirements. You may easily use the harness for any function because of its simple design and lightweight. In addition, because this harness was made with high-quality materials, it is safer and more comfortable.

Get your hands on the industry’s most adjustable harness! The versatile tower harness is for rope access, rescue, and fall arrest work placement. It has a low profile, compact and lightweight design. It has a 4-point anchor point and 5 gear loops.


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