STOP Assisted braking descender for caving

STOP Assisted braking descender for caving

STOP Assisted braking descender for caving is the descender you require, whether you are a leisure or professional cave diver. This ground-breaking descender, one of the first of its kind, features assisted braking and works with low-stretch kernmantle ropes that range in diameter from 8.5 to 11 mm. Don’t jeopardize your life for your upcoming descent. With STOP, you may descend at your leisure and never worry about anything, thanks to our numerous safety measures and simple design.
The STOP caving descender is essential equipment for your trip, whether you’re a member of a rescue team or a curious explorer. The material is flexible, light, and simple with aided braking and a more extensive range of ropes. When the handle is pulled up to its original position, the brake can be disengaged. Then, the brake is engaged by pulling down on the handle.
Ever longed to visit an unknown cave but refrained out of fear of the pitch-black and slippery descents? STOP now makes it simple to descend! With low stretch kernmantle ropes measuring 8.5 to 11 mm in diameter, this device has aided braking capabilities. It gives you more control over the descent and lessens the strain on your hands when maneuvering on the rope.


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