SHUNT Rappel back-up device

SHUNT Rappel back-up device

SHUNT is the ideal general-purpose climbing equipment because it is sturdy and light. In addition, the SHUNT Rappel back-up device can be used as a friction hitch for belaying, a rappel backup, and a rigging tool for various tasks when friction-sensitive ropes are required.

The SHUNT is a straightforward and portable backup rappel tool that takes the place of friction hitches like the Prusik. It requires no knots, works on single or half ropes, and locks in place with just a twist. In addition, the SHUNT is simple to carry in any pack and quickly stores on your harness, making it great for use in any rappelling scenario and as an emergency backup.

Use SHUNT to end your suffering! In the field of rappelling, friction hitches, such as the Prusik, are frequently employed to support rappels (a.k.a. a SHUNT). SHUNT is problematic since they defy every safety advice given to professional climbers and are unpredictable. Here comes SHUNT, a tool that may be used on single or half ropes and takes the role of friction hitches like the Prusik. It


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