Long handle floor brush Model C 038/39

Long handle floor brush Model C 038/39

Do you understand the difficulties faced by people who clean their floors improperly? They have to stoop down and put a lot of weight on their knees, which is really annoying. Additionally, they are unable to see what they are scouring because of poor sight.

Put a stop to hunching over. Cleaning the floor will be simple with this Long handle floor brush Model C 038/39. Your floors will be softly cleaned by the soft bristles, and you will be able to access those challenging places. You may use it on any sort of floor because it is waterproof as well!

With the help of this floor brush with a long handle, you may clean and beautify your floors. It makes it simple to clean without bending over and is wonderful for getting into those hard-to-reach places. Additionally, the long handle makes it easy to clean up sizable spills on the floor. Strong bristles on it are designed to reach every nook and cranny and scrape dirt, grime, and allergies from surfaces like no other. It’s


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