Glass Water Scrape Model-C-071

Glass Water Scrape Model-C-071

A lovely invention you can use in your kitchen and as interior decor! This scraper is composed of tough, heat-resistant, high-quality glass. It boasts a big surface area for increased stability and a silicone handle that avoids slippage.

The Glass Water Scrape Model-C-071 is the most well-liked glass water scraper in the world. There are numerous uses for glass water scrapers. Anything you might do with a ladle, including boiling water, making tea, preparing pasta or veggies, gathering wet and dry materials, and pouring water out of open containers. It is the ideal kitchen appliance for any active family.

Utilize this strong, heat-resistant scraper to scour your water like a pro! Our ergonomic, non-slip, full-length handle grip also functions as a hanging hook for storage, making it simple to use. When scraping hot teapots, the tempered and toughened scraper blade is safe and looks glitzy in our transparent glass handle.


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