China SS Glass Scrape Model C-067

China SS Glass Scrape Model C-067

An expert and efficient glass cleaning tool are the China SS Glass Scrape Model C-067. The stainless steel scraper may be used to clean both sides of the glass and is built for this purpose. It is safe, efficient, and kind to the environment.

Use the China Stainless Steel Glass Scrape to remove the tough glass. Both those who have to clean their own windows at home and those who work in the thai glass window cleaning profession need our scraper. It is simple to operate and, with good upkeep, will last a lifetime.

Removes dirt from windows without damaging the glass. The scraper is made of particular steel that doesn’t scratch the window, which is its secret. Strong enough to remove tenacious filth and grime but delicate enough to avoid damaging your glass. Durable and uncorrodable.


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