Carpet Blower/Dryer machine Model CB-900

Carpet Blower/Dryer machine Model CB-900

Innovative and space-saving, the Carpet Blower/Dryer equipment simultaneously dries and vacuums carpet. It is an effective and environmentally friendly alternative for many of your cleaning needs.

Presenting the brand-new Carpet Blower/Dryer Model CB-900. It is the first and best carpet washing and drying machine available. One process includes vacuuming, the best carpet cleaner, and drying your carpet.

The Model CB-900 Carpet Blower/Dryer is ideal for all your requirements. With the help of this machine, you can dry your carpet, get rid of any extra moisture from the surface, and vacuum up any dust or debris that could have become lodged in the fibers. It features a streamlined design, is lightweight, and is simple to move. As a result, both carpets and hard surfaces can benefit from their application.


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