Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Model-BXC3A

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Model-BXC3A

The machine’s aesthetic appeal, practical design, and ideal back design help the operator feel at ease vacuum cleaner price in bangladesh,

the combination of Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Model-BXC3A a powerful suction motor, allowing for extended  operation;

Suitable for environments with restricted spaces floor cleaning machine , like pipes, escalators, hotels, offices, and other locations;

Easy to replace, complete set of standard accessories.

BXC3A, Model No.
Dust Collector with Cyclones
Centralized Cyclone
Function:Just Dry
Transportation Packet:Carton
Production Potential: 10000units/Month

Merchandise Description

Dry backpack vacuum cleaner, model BXC3A

Technical Information:

Identifier : BXC3A
Power : 1000W
Capacity : 4L
Cable :18m
Purpose : Dust gathering
With or without a bag
Power : 220V AC 50Hz
Electrical Power: 215mbar
vacuum suction airflow of 50 L/S
Residence, workplace, hotel, and automobile
Size of a cart 33*33*58cm


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