Scrubber and Vacuum Accessories

Scrubber and Vacuum Accessories are used for cleaning and neutralizing exhaust gas components, such as acids and exhaust gases from chemical operations, depending on the environment and product recovery. Gas for cleaning in an absorption tower directly attached to a vessel holding the cleaning liquid. A pump constantly circulates the Vacuum and washing solution, which cool by a screw condenser.

Because of their small size, absorbers are particularly well suited to handle the high level of safety needed for such devices. A pump with a small discharge head that is appropriately magnetically connected and corrosion-resistant will also provide for the washing system sump at the same time. There are various sizes of this item. For example, 6- or 10 liter capacities can specify for experimental setups on a lab bench.

There may also be ways to provide volume for the washing liquid;
There are scrubbers, Vacuums available with both moving and stationary skids.

The safe production and storage of corrosive and dangerous chemical applications depend on the choice, design, and manufacture of suitable high performance corrosion resistant structural materials. Borosilicate glass 3.3 and other materials with high chemical and use heat resistance in the production of our absorbers.

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