Floor Cleaning Kit

The newest Floor Cleaning Kit and floor care item is a variety of floor cleaning pads. It can be micro polished and has strong cleaning capabilities using the micro-grinding method. Its fiber filaments are perfect for micro-grinding, polishing, dewaxing, and mending minor scratches because of their fine-grained and firm texture.
It works well to restore scratches and deep-clean flooring. The only substance that can harm the tile’s sheen is water. So keep the shine on your flooring.
1. Variations in products and services
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• Size: a size chart for shoes and a unit conversion table. Remarks: Please refer to the brand size chart if the sales brand gives a specific size chart.
• Voltage and power sockets: Electronic items may not be compatible with the voltage environment, power sockets, and other specifications and standards in dhaka, necessitating the usage of transformers or other conversion apparatus. power-saving advice.
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• Others: The product may not be or may not be fully suited for use due to the difference between the place of sale and the place of use (particularly children, the elderly, and the disabled, etc.), the use environment, consumption scenarios, and habits.

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